A cucumber should be well-sliced, dressed with pepper and vinegar, and then thrown out.” So said Samuel Johnson, the famed 18th century English writer, compiler of one of the most important dictionaries of his time


Johnson massively undersold the cucumber, a fruit perceived by many as a vegetable because of its sour-bitter flavour.
Because it is one of the best foods for overall health, cucumbers have earned the monicker of being a “superfood” over the years. Cucumbers are a good source of antioxidant. They contain vitamin C and manganese. They are good for people’s skin and eyes and can relieve bad breath. Due to their high water content and low calorie levels, cucumbers are also good for weight loss. They can also keep the body hydrated, because the average cucumber is 95 percent water.
And contrary to Johnson’s views, the cucumber, which originated in India where it has been cultivated for at least 3,000 years, is now eaten, and enjoyed, worldwide.

Here are some of its uses in foods :


Slice cucumbers and sprinkle them with pepper and salt or lemon juice.


Mix them with cooked couscous/ bulghur wheat with tomato, lettuce, red onions. Cucumbers are also a must-have in Greek salads.

Cucumber boat

Cut the cucumber lengthwise and top it with avocado slices and parmesan cheese.

Cucumber scoops

Slice them into long pieces and eat them with peanut butter, hummus, carrot pickles etc


Take a slice of rye toast , spread some peanut butter and line it with cucumber slices with garlic salt sprinkled on it

Wrap cucumbers

Add cucumbers to flat bread like chapatti/ tortilla and add mango chutney. Fold it and eat it.

Spaghetti garnish

Add shaved cucumbers to freshly-cooked pasta. Garnish with olive oil and parmesan.

Pita parcels

Cut open pita pockets and add pickled cucumbers with mayonnaise


Add freshly diced cucumber to chickpea curries to give that crunchy texture.

Cucumber in yoghurt

Add diced cucumber to yoghurt with salt and fresh mint sprigs.


Blend a cucumber and a pear along with spinach to create a great smoothie.


Aiming at a Balanced Diet

For a healthy and balanced diet and to stave off death longer, eating five portions of fruit and vegetables


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The Nut that Grows Outside the Fruit

Cashew nuts are native to Brazil. Portuguese explorers brought this unusual nut from the South American


Johnson massively undersold the cucumber, a fruit perceived by many as a vegetable because of its


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