The saying ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away’ could easily be dismissed as an old wives’ tale. But numerous studies have found the fruit packed with health benefits


  • Apples contain antioxidants, which can prevent cell damage caused by oxidation as you age.
  • Apples help reduce the level of cholesterol in our body. They are low in calories.
  • Apples reduce skin diseases and have chemicals that protect the brain from neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s.
  • Apples help in digestion and prevent constipation.
  • Apples help clean plaque from teeth and keeps our breath fresh.
  • Apples are full of vitamin C and fiber, and have been linked to reduced risk of asthma, cancer or even stroke.
  • Apples have been grown in Asia and Europe for around 7,000 years. There are lots of varieties of apples – popular among them are Red, Delicious, Fuji, Gala, Granny Smith, Pink Lady and Jazz Apples.
  • China is the largest grower and exporter of apples in the world. The U.S. is the world’s second-largest apple grower and exporter. The U.S. has a competitor in holding that title, however: Chile calls itself the world’s second–largest apple exporter.


Green Apples

Help to keep bones and teeth healthy, as well as contributing to good eyesight.

Red Apples

Red Apples Good for the heart and memory.

Yellow Apples

Good for the eyes and the heart, as well as strengthening the human body’s immune system.

How to select apples

Pick and choose smooth-skinned and firm apples. Apples should smell fresh and not stale.

How to store apples

Refrigerate apples in a plastic bag.

What to do with apples

Beyond the multitudes of ways you can bake apples for ever-popular desserts like apple pie or apple crumble, you can eat the fruit with dips, use its sauce for a healthier alternative to butter or oil in baking, or just simply, eat it raw in salads or on its own.


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  • Apples contain antioxidants, which can prevent cell damage caused by oxidation as you age.


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